EV Charging point Installation

EV-Charging point installation from M and R Electrical throughout Yorkshire, for homes, businesses and public service areas. We install all types of Electric Vehicle charging points, to suit all electric cars and vans including Type 1 and Type 2 charge points. 

Empower your company with electric car charging points for business. Electric vehicles (EVs) are too popular now for businesses to not provide your employees or visitors with electric car charging stations. Provide your company with valued facilities and enhanced CSR through our commercial EV charging station – or even charge a competitive price for EV charging to generate additional revenue.


Benefits of Electric Car Charging Stations 

Onsite electric car or, as they’re sometimes referred to, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations give your business the means to power its own EV fleet, in addition to providing valued facilities to the growing private ownership of EVs for staff, visitors and customers. As part of a wider energy solution, an electric car charging station installation can be integrated with solar carports, in part providing charging for EVs with green electricity generated from solar power. When combined with other energy-efficient measures, the cost of charging electric cars can be reduced further.


Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

M and R Electrical provides an electric car charging station installation service for commercial sites, using trusted and reliable technology from various manufacturing brands. All of our solutions are bespoke to meet the current and future demands for EV charging within your business. 

Why Install Commercial EV Charging Points

Air pollution in the UK is currently at an alarming level and this is largely due to the huge volume of petrol and diesel vehicles on the road today; this level of pollution is responsible for shortening the lives of over 40,000 people every year.

Thankfully, ownership of electric vehicles – both private and commercial – is increasing year on year, however, many businesses are failing to provide valued electric car charger stations for these owners. Today, there are over 100,000 registered electric vehicles on the road in the UK.


For more information about electrical charging station installations  in your home or commercial premises, call us on 01484 712856.


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